We specialize in end-to-end product development.

We perform all phases of a new product introduction, from design, development, prototyping and transition to manufacturing. This also includes the electronics design, firmware and embedded systems development.

With many projects completed in more than a decade, our engineering team can help you define your product concept, optimize your product costs, and offer innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems.

For companies embarking on disruptive technologies that require untested solutions, we will perform a detailed feasibility study. This reduce your market risk and enable you to understand the budget by having our multi-disciplinary team of qualified expertise perform market and technical research and validation about how your product can be built and the functionality enabled at a desired target price point.

We will provide you a plan that shows how every phase of your solution should be engineered to meet requirements. The final output will include an accurate costed bill of materials up front. In highly complex and breakthrough technologies, this study removes risks from your project and put you on a path to success within a defined scope, budget and timeline.

Design Conceptualization

  • Requirement analysis and specification
  • Industrial design proposal
  • Electronics architecture proposal

Product Development

  • Electronics hardware design
  • Software development
  • Mechanical design and modelling
  • System integration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reliability and environmental testing


  • Vendor selection and qualification
  • Test plan and fixtures design and development
  • Knowledge transfer and product training

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Turnkey manufacturing management
  • Technical support and training
  • Resign and alternate sourcing for cost reduction
  • Supply chain management for assurance of supply
  • End-of-life management